About AIB Philippines Inc.

Our team is made up of highly skilled, qualified and passionate trainers who bring with them years of experience. Our strength in comparison with other organization is that we have a solid experiences on audit, inspection, training and consulting. We are not sending Mentor who have less 20 years experiences in the Industry.


AIB Philippines is dedicated to be the leading provider of risk base management system solutions, industry specific, audit and inspection, sustainability and environment, knowledge and education both private and public health while serving the interests of all stakeholders, as follows : employees, government, company owners, customers, suppliers, and the community from which the business draws its resources. Our professionals ( Consultants, Engineers, Environmentals, Teachers, Private and Public professionals, including Hospitality Management professionals ) carried out our mission.


Our organization has built a successful business based upon its reputation. This reputation is one of the most valuable assets for the Organization and is reflected in our core and business values.

These values, shared by everyone and to which each of us subscribes, are the major unifying factors of AIB. They reinforce our unity and cohesion and help promote our strategy of profitable growth.

Our core values ?Integrity and Ethics and Impartiality and Independence were the focal point of the work carried out by our profession

We operate using sound principles and promote personal and professional growth to foster innovation and creativity.

And finally, we are committed to winning and being the best in Central Luzon.


AIB Philippines is committed to the process of constantly improving the way in which its activities occur and its continuous compliance.Through this process, AIB Philippines will achieve further quality customer service and stay tuned to the current and future demands of the ISO Standards. AIB Philippines will progressively and actively seek out and eliminate all potential problems and act upon all opportunities in a way that results in the continual improvement of its training and assessment system and customer service standards. AIB Philippines approach to quality encompasses all its activities including risk based training and assessment services,staff development, environmental and occupational health and safety.