Drone Operations Standards Published By ISO; To Be Adopted Globally By 2019

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November 20, 2018
Making our world accessible with ISO standards
December 3, 2018

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has published an operations standard draft for drone pilots and manufacturers. The draft is open for the public to discuss and debate until 21 January 2019 and is set to be ratified by later in the year.

The draft lists out several important items that all drone owners and manufacturers should adhere to. Including no-fly zones around airports and sensitive locations, privacy, data protection on data recorded with the drone. As well as flight logs, training, and maintenance of any drones piloted. This includes drones that are piloted commercially or for private use.

The draft also proposes that a fail-safe be built into drone operations, where a secondary pilot can take over if anything were to happen. This way, drone pilots and operators will have accountability for every flight they make.

Having the draft ratified also translates to  better assurance that drones will not endanger both the pilots and people around them. If anything, it can help both civil deparments and drone users to avoid incidents such as the one that happened in KLIA years ago from ever occurring again.