CEO of the Standards Council of Canada Chantal Guay writes in her introductory remark: “The need to adapt to a climate that is changing is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. An opportunity exists for innovation to deliver the very best green technology and to ensure the built environment is resilient.

“Right now, we have this great opportunity to act so that our children and their children can enjoy the world now and in the future – let’s join forces and make it happen.”

The latest ISOfocus brings together in-depth analysis of key issues affecting green technologies – from pollution to climate change – and the latest technological developments from all areas of the globe, including Canada, Costa Rica and Australia.

In this issue, the magazine looks into several game-changing technologies that help realize the “green” goal. One approach is presented in an article on clean cookstoves solutions where technology advances have resulted in an increasing number of models that have significantly lower emissions than traditional stoves and open fires.

The magazine also features new sustainable technologies and practices in a wide area of topics such as electrically propelled cars, safely managed sanitation and environmental management. Experts in these areas have shared their invaluable research, views and opinions, and commentary to make this issue both interesting and informative.

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis