Which is ISO certified first Railway Station in India?

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September 4, 2019
September 9, 2019

Railways play an important role in the life of all of us. It is one of the safest modes of transportation. As we know that the development in the Railway is growing very fast and another such step has been taken by the Railways to make the Indian Railway Station ISO certified. Let us read about ISO certified first Railway Station in India.

Guwahati Railway Station of India was awarded ISO 14001: 2015 certificate by the Green Tribunal of India (NGT) on 26 March, 2019. This certificate has been given to Guwahati Railway Station to provide facilities to the passengers in a clean and green environment. Let us tell you that Guwahati Railway Station has become the first Railway Station in India to get this certificate. Also, in the year 2018, Guwahati Railway Station was the first Railway Station in India to operate solar energy.

The Guwahati Railway Station complex has a high-class reserve (VIP) lounge, waiting room, air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned retiring room, refreshing area, food facilities and hygiene facilities for railway passengers.

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In Railway Stations across the country, the NGT directed to adopt strict measures for waste management and then the Northeast Frontier Railway in February this year awarded a contract for environmental management system to M/s Caliber Management Solutions. From 22 February, 2019, M/s Caliber Management Solutions, a consultancy firm based in New Delhi and Guwahati, started auditing the facilities at the Guwahati Railway station and the work was completed on 22 March, 2019. According to which Guwahati was ISO certified on 26 March, 2019.

Note: The Environment and Housekeeping Management wing under Divisional Environment Officer Brijmohan took this initiative, and in a very short time steps were taken for Integrated Management System Certification. It consists of 3 ISO certificates, ISO: 9001 for Quality Management System, ISO: 14001 for Environmental Management System and ISO: 45001 for Safety Management System. The Railway Board identified 37 major stations across the country to be developed as ‘Eco Smart’ stations.

As per international regulations, the ecosystem management system gives a number of ISO certification and ISO: 14001 is obtained by the Guwahati Railway Station according to the international norms for the environmental management system and is upgraded in 2015. Thus, the certificate of the station is ISO 14001: 2015. Certification will be reviewed in 2020 and that is why efforts to remove waste are being vigorously pursued at Guwahati Railway Station.

It is here to tell you that certified agencies will monitor and audit mechanical cleaning, anti treatment, quality cleaning, chemical etc. That is, the passengers will get cleanliness in the station premises. In the coming time, more efforts are also being made to get more railway stations ISO certification.

by: Shikha Goyal